Cancellation Policy

We regret your decision to cancel your order. If there is anything you are unsatisfied with, we highly recommend you to contact us at Whether it's about product features or shipping methods, we'd like to receive any feedback from our customers. Your advice and feedback are valuable to us.

Please contact us at as soon as you decide to cancel your orders. In that case, we can provide the best service. However, please note that due to a high volume of orders, our warehouses process them quickly, which may result in our inability to respond to your email promptly to assist in order cancellation. Thank you for your understanding.

For orders that haven't been shipped, they can be canceled without any charges, and a full refund will be issued to your account immediately.

For processed orders, we regret to inform you that they cannot be canceled. You can try the item first; if it still doesn't meet your needs, you can contact us at to initiate a return. Items can be returned within 30 days of their arrival.